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Blog - Hollow Point Floyd Rose Intonation

Hollow Point Intonation System Review with BLITZ Method


We've been carrying the Hollow Point Intonation System since it was introduced at the NAMM show in 2015 and as of early 2016 have helped a few hundred customers get the benefit of this great upgrade to Floyd Rose trems.  The Hollow Point Intonation System comes into use when in intonating Floyd Rose saddles, especially when under string tension.  If you're looking for a review you probably want to know if it does what it says it does, and will it fit your guitar.  

On the first question, yes, this product works as advertised. The Hollow Point will help players, technicians or anyone performing guitar repair to set the intonation on a double locking guitar tremolo accurately and efficiently. It eliminates most or all of the challenges that come from re-positioning the bridge saddles while tuning and setting the intonation on a guitar. It's so good that it's even available for direct order from Floyd Rose (but our prices are better and we offer free shipping, yes!) and will soon become on option in their Custom Shoppe.

Second question, will this fit your guitar?  There are some easy "yesses", some easy "nos", and then some "it depends."   Hollow Points fit all authentic Floyd Rose models based on the Floyd Rose Original, which includes:


  • Floyd Rose Original - yes
  • Floyd Rose 1000 Series Original - yes
  • Floyd Rose Special - yes
  • Floyd Rose Hot Rod -yes
  • Floyd Rose 1984 - yes
  • Ibanez Edge Tremolo - yes


  • Ibanez® LO-PRO Edge® Tremolo - no
  • Floyd Rose Pro - no


Hollow Points fit most recessed double locking tremolos where the fine tuners are vertically oriented and come into direct contact with a string lock screw.  What does that mean?  Here's what "fine tuners are vertically oriented and come into direct contact with a string lock screw looks like:

And here's what the Floyd Rose original and hollow point string lock screws look like along with the Hollow Point (in gold finish):

So for the many OEM and licensed versions of Floyd Rose trems, the Hollow Point system should fit if the fine tuners are vertical (not angled), the fine tuners make direct contact with the string locking screws, which also means that your string locking screws will be approximately the length of those shown above.

Installing the Hollow Point Intonation System

The system comes with six or seven (depending on model) “Hollow Points” that are already installed on six or seven brand new string lock screws.  It also includes allen wrenches in the right sizes for adjustments to the Floyd Rose).  We've done about 10 installations of this product in our shop and there's nothing complicated about it.  At this point some video is worth 10,000 words so give this a watch:

Hollow Point Installation Steps

  • Loosen All Nut Clamp Screws
  • Detune The Low-E String Until It Is Completely Slack
  • Completely Remove The Long String Lock Screw
  • Replace It With The String Lock Screw/Hollow Point® Assembly
  • Align The Groove In The Hollow Point® With The Fine Tuner
  • Rotate The Fine Tuner Clockwise Until It Makes Light Contact With The Bottom Of The Groove Of The Hollow Point
  • Insert The New Or Existing String Into The Saddle & Tighten The String Lock Screw (Do Not Over Tighten)
  • Tune To Pitch
  • Repeat These Steps For All Remaining Strings
  • Follow The 5-Step B.L.I.T.Z. Method® For Setting Intonatation On All Strings
  • Once Tuning & Setting Intonation Is Complete, Re-Tighten The Nut Clamp Screws
  • Rock On!

As the video shows, it’s a simple matter of swapping out the original screws for the new Hollow Point intonation screws, which will allow for easy hand adjustments.   Once you've got your Hollow Points installed, it's time to get your money's worth by intonating your instrument.  We recommend the BLITZ method:

B - Bomb the tremolo

L - Loosen the saddle mounting screw

I - Intonate, changing the saddle position by rotating the Hollow Point

T - Tighten the saddle mounting screw using the provided allen wrench

Z - Zero the fine tuner to center it in the groove of the Hollow Point

Watch this video to see BLITZ in action:

The Hollow Point Intonation System comes in sets of 6 or 7 to match your guitar, and in different finishes to match your trem.

In addition to reducing set up time, they also come in different finishes and add a unique appearance to the bridge. Further, the Hollow Point is made of solid brass, so they also increase the mass of the bridge and help to develop more sustain; they only need to be installed once, after which saddle position can be adjusted with ease.  Learn more at the Hollow Point manufacturer website.

Metro DC Music carries the full line of Hollow Point products.  Shop with confidence in our secure store and get free shipping on every order!

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