Cigar Box Guitar with Jack Daniels Mini-Bottle Bridge

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01:08 Tuesday.08 October 2013
Hi. What is the price of the Deadwood Mk III please ?



Dale Cooper
01:53 Monday.29 June 2015
What’s ur price on the Deadwood cbg including shipping to Texas….thanks


Terry Williams
21:57 Monday.16 October 2017

how much for a 3 string deadwood guitar.. absolutely beautiful..

Steve Payne
05:57 Friday.19 December 2014
Hi, I am knocked out by the Deadwood Mk III, that is a piece of work to be proud of and inspired by.

Please let me know how much one of those would cost me and also if it is available as a 4 stringer
Best Wishes

20:55 Saturday.08 December 2018

Terry, not sure if he replied to you, but contact Jim Sharkey at Junksville Guitars and he’ll give you a quote. I have a 3-string solid body guitar from him that is perfection and it cost me £580 which included shipping. May sound a lot of money but it’s worth every penny. Also, sure the cigar box guitar above is cheaper. Cheers.

07:08 Thursday.19 March 2015

how much is the cigar box guitar 6 stringer

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