Acoustic Guitar Building Course Online by Robert O'Brien

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21:29 Tuesday.07 October 2014
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Acoustic Guitar Building Course Online by Robert O’Brien

john krause
21:02 Friday.30 December 2016
Hello Robert, I am very interested in taking your course and was wondering if that price of 197.00 includes the kit in the video? I assume I need a fully working wood shop at my dispose for this course?

I very much want to get started with a tech training course for new setups and repairs for acoustic, electric and bass guitars.

I would love to get more advice and direction from you if possible before I step any further. I want to try and get certified at these fields of training. I am not wealthy but willing to do what I must. Thank you very much for any response. Happy New Year

Many thanks
John Krause
850 291 8540

01:26 Wednesday.31 August 2016
Hi I want to buy ur acoustic guitar kit which you showed in above video from where can I buy it ?

Thank you

Bill Hightower
07:12 Monday.04 November 2013

Rob, you are the sitting image of your father as a teenager . I enjoyed your video. My son-in-law is the lead singer for Due West and I am turning him on to your wares.

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