Building the 5E3 Tweed Deluxe Kit from

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23:13 Tuesday.01 February 2011

What does it sound like?

22:47 Thursday.27 January 2011

I agree with your assumption.

07:40 Wednesday.19 January 2011

nice amp

Anders Barfod
06:10 Saturday.06 July 2013
Great Kits and really well documented manual.. The PCB is great quality and is easier to work on for a rockie builder.

But just one precaution. The kit used to come with a large powerful 354VAC/120mA transformer and is supplied with a GZ34 rectifier and the 250 ohm bias resistor. It has far to high value plate and screen voltages, but the amp kit comes with the JJ6v6 tubes that have a far higher max voltage rating and can stand a bit more abuse than the 14 watt max dissipation.
Do not add your expensive nos 6v6GT tubes with a 12 watt rating and max 350V plate rating.

I think the amp kit now comes with classictone chicago made deluxe reverb transformer which has a more reasonably 330VAC/120mA rating. Should give you a nice dissipation with a 5y3 or a hot one with a GZ34 (400V plate).

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