How to Apply Tolex to a Guitar Amplifier Cabinet

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21:58 Saturday.20 November 2010

Nice job on this Casey. I remember seeing some of these photos years ago but this is a much better way to take it in. See you in the forums.

21:19 Friday.10 July 2020
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06:02 Monday.22 November 2010
I wrote the original “Tutorial” in 1997 but I lost all my hosting in 2008. So I got a resurrection recently when the very nice folks here allowed me post this.

It’s not difficult to do with a “game plan” to get you started and eventually develop your own style of craftsmanship.

Can I re-tolex my head?
20:56 Wednesday.12 December 2012

[…] How to Apply Tolex to a Guitar Amplifier Cabinet : GuitarKitBuilder Fool's Game Official Homepage Fool's Game Myspace […]

21:54 Wednesday.08 April 2015

[…] amp builder groups as the Casey4s instructions. I bet a lot of the old-timers here have seen them. How to Apply Tolex to a Guitar Amplifier Cabinet – GuitarKitBuilder __________________ Daisycutter….. drops in and wipes everything else […]

20:17 Sunday.14 December 2014
Hey, does anyone know how you can get the last glue Casey mendioned? I contacted the company he mentions BUT they say they don’t sell it anymore?
Neil Shaw
06:44 Wednesday.05 October 2016

I am in South Africa in the city of East London, Where do I buy Tolex..hope you can help. Thank you

00:58 Friday.25 September 2015

Any chance explaing how to insert the small piping at joints and seams like on a plexi head?

00:48 Sunday.24 January 2016

Hi, I don’t know if any one can help me. This is a great article and it will be most useful as I want to recover my Vox AD60VTX and AD120. I can get the right Vox Tolex, so no problem there. The issue I have is with the front speaker board. Theses look like they are glued in and I need to get them out without damaging the front piping, grill cloth and top tolex band. Once these are out I can then strip the sides,top and bottom and will be able to wrap the tolex around the front edges of the cabinet. And the replace the front this time with screws as per the Vox Service manuals for these amps. Any help would be appreciated as I don’t wasn’t to damage these Amps, albeit their second hand.

06:25 Thursday.30 April 2015

Type in tolex glue into Google. There are a few companies out there. Great tutorial! I was wondering if you had any advice on slightly curved cabinets!?

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