How to Apply Tolex to a Guitar Amplifier Cabinet

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John Douglas-Coley
03:47 Sunday.29 May 2016

Hi Casey, my comment is not really about Tolex application but it is related. I noticed in your notes that you built your cabinet using just simple butt joints. Do you find that this is strong enough?. Most amp builders recommend finger joints for the corners. I plan to use the butt joint method as you did as I don’t have the power tools and jigs to cut finger joints. My cabinet is built from 3/4 in. material but I would like to radius the corners 3/8 in. What I plan to do is glue and screw the corners countersinking the screw heads about 3/8 deep and then plug the holes with dowels. After the glue has dried I can shave off any protruding dowels then radius the corners. I hope that this will give me a sufficiently strong joint. Do you have any thoughts on what I am planning? Comments from other members will be welcome.

22:15 Tuesday.15 October 2019

Thank you for your article!

Gawen Taylor
22:26 Saturday.16 August 2014

Hi, great article and really helpful, thank you. Could you tell me what preparation if any there is on the wood. I mean is the Tolex applied straight on the the wood or do you varnish or prime the wood surface? I am hoping to use Tweed Tolex, should I treat this any differently to the Tolex you show in your pictures? Thanks in advance.

Dan Dingess
01:11 Thursday.19 March 2015
Hi Casey-

Late to the party, but just saw your tutorial on Tolex application.
Any updates on adhesives? Saw where the one recommended is
no longer available through supplier.

05:47 Sunday.08 June 2014

Thanks much Casey, this was a BIG BIG help. To get rid of bubbles, I used a pastry roller, the type one would use to make pie crust. It worked great, the surface was flawless.

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