How to Layout and Build a Guitar Amplifier Chassis

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06:16 Monday.22 November 2010

I bought a blackface Vibro Champ aa764 kit. It has all the parts but the chassis, cab, and speaker. I just bought a chassis to make a head out of it. I’ll let ya know how it goes and have some pics and vids when it’s all done.

05:20 Monday.22 November 2010

This is awesome, I’ve been looking for some direction! I just ordered a kit and realized I’ll have to drill everything out and this shows where to place components and the best ways to fabricate. It all makes more sense now. Thanks!

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How to Layout and Build a Guitar Amplifier Chassis – GuitarKitBuilder

23:58 Friday.09 November 2018
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07:32 Tuesday.23 November 2010

That sounds like the Triode Electronics kit, yes?

06:07 Monday.22 November 2010

What kit did you buy? Give us a writeup when you’re done.

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How to Layout and Build a Guitar Amplifier Chassis – GuitarKitBuilder

01:39 Sunday.27 November 2011
Thanks for the nice comment.

As you stated, this is intended to give “direction” to individuals who are laying out a chassis cofiguration, especially for the first time. This photo essay is a learning guide and not intended as the “Definitive” absolute last word, as is true with all my tutorials/essays.

Good luck with your project.

EDIT: 11-26-11

The chassis used in the article is a Hammond 1444-18 blank Aluminum chassis, measuring 13.5″ × 4″ × 2″ and is available for about $20 from among other vendors. It’s a great size for early Champs and Princetons or small custom designs.

21:44 Tuesday.06 November 2018
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William Mathis
22:09 Sunday.20 January 2019

Do you offer the chassis layout for a FENDER PRO REVERB. ! NO MASTER VOLUME ! Thanks, Wm.Mathis. Or do you sell the chassis less components???

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