How to Layout and Build a Guitar Amplifier Chassis

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02:20 Monday.20 April 2020
Unfortunately, once you factor in the time, energy, and cost of buying all the tools needed to make a chassis like this, it’s cheaper to just buy a prefabbed one off Ebay. Just that Hammond enclosure alone (#1444-18) is $30 shipped from any supplier online. A completely finished, polished, and silkscreened 5E3 chassis can often be found for less than $50 shipped…sometimes as low as $10!

It’s just not practical to do stuff like this, unless you own an entire machine shop and you’re making it completely from scratch, including the enclosure.

06:15 Friday.12 August 2016

I find I can fit Champs in a 10X6X2 with no problems especially the 5C1 as no board is necessary cos i hand wire point to point as per the original

03:53 Tuesday.09 June 2015
Hi Mike,

For the faceplates I make from brass, I usually make a 1/1 template exactly like the one I use to drill the frone panel. But, I include the dimensions measured from the left side and from the bottom or center line. I just take it to my engraver and he/she copies the dimensions anddetails to their computer and cuts it.

Most of my newer faceplates are from reverse engraved plastic that I send out to have made. If you look at this article there is an example of one part of the way down the page.

I use a company called BNP lasers who do a great job. Contact them for information on sending design information for a faceplate.

01:36 Tuesday.03 February 2015

Very detailed an helpful. Your instructions solved several major queries I had concerning drilling holes and mounting the components. Really glad I found your page.

22:34 Tuesday.17 March 2015

Great step by step tutorial – well done ! Would like to see how to design a faceplate so that an engraver can make sense out of my design. Do you have a local engraver do your faceplates or do you send them off to be done?

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