Kit Review: MOD 102 DIY Guitar Amplifier Kit

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05:48 Friday.23 September 2011
Wow that is really cool how you made the chassis and the fantastic building skills. My question concerns the use of the grounding jack as you stated below:

I used a Switchcraft 12A type grounding jack for the speaker out because the output transformer (OT) can be damaged if you have no load present (nothing plugged in) when the amplifier is on. With a grounding type jack the output circuit is just grounded and doing no harm if there is no speaker plugged into the amp .

For a newbie like me I know these jacks have a ground, switch, and signal tab. Can you tell me exactly how they are connected. I know positive to signal and negative to ground but what then? Thanks for any help.

02:41 Friday.13 April 2012

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