From The Mailbag: Marshall Valvestate VS265 Repair

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06:50 Wednesday.07 September 2016

What size do you use? I picked up vs265 and it’s never had one since I got it. Since there are no pieces I can’t determine an approximate size for a replacement.

ricardo siciliano
00:29 Sunday.28 September 2014

hello have a Valvestate vs 265 amplifier and realize that when it heats start separating from the plate resistor to the next valve, which podeia be? Thank you.

21:48 Friday.20 March 2015

hi guys thanks for this great article, i have a marshall VS230R and i noticed i had the same problem with the reverb making hiss, i opened the amp up and noticed i didnt have a ferrite ring in there so put one in, and hiss is gone. thank you!!

00:27 Tuesday.24 January 2017

I have a Marshall Vs265r Chorus amp that one side doesn’t work..It plays both channels via the headphone output, I swapped the the speaker leads and it’s definitely not the speaker. I’ve tried a shorted plug in the ext jacks and that doesn’t make a difference either…any help would be GREATLY appreciated !

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