12 String Guitar Kit Options from eBay or DIY

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Seth Tyrssen
02:42 Saturday.22 April 2017

I’ve seen a couple vids on the Cozart 12 string kits, which look pretty close to absolute shit. Want a good 12? Get a Schecter, it has a neck that doesn’t require King Kong-size hands to get around, and sounds fantastic, with good action. Yeah, it’s about $800 at the moment, but ya definitely get what ya pay for. It’s POSSIBLE to make a POS kit from China into a good playing guitar, but more work than it’s worth. For parts-builders in general, if you’re as broke as I am, go to Guitar Fetish.

LJ Mendez
00:44 Thursday.30 October 2014
I am looking for a 12 string electric guitar; preferably single neck but because 12 string ELECTRICS are hard to find I would take a double neck. By chance do you have a members board for anyone who built a 12 string electric and wants to sell or trade it???


Seth Tyrssen
22:02 Friday.23 January 2015

Check out the Schecter 12 strings. Reasonable price at around $800, terrific sound and action. See the assorted videos on these things, on You Tube and on their site.

02:27 Wednesday.10 May 2017
I’m looking for a fretless 12-string neck with a headstock that can be re-shaped. I’m trying to build an electric Oud similar to the Godwin. I plan on using a cheap, crap body if it’s useable with whatever pickups it may have the add a trapeze tailpiece or a standard tailpiece/bridge combo. Since they usually have 11 strings a 12th hole on the headstock would drive me nuts. I may have to improvise on the bridge and tailpiece but that’s no big deal. I’d have to find the scales of the Oud then maybe add fret-lines… I’m not sure yet. I almost ordered the 12-string tele kit that’s at the top of the page but right now I’m trying to build the Oud and a Sitar-Guitar similar to the Coral/Danelectro from the 60s that Rogue copied.

Any advice as to where to find these parts for both the Oud and Sitar-Guitar would be appreciated.

Justin Levitt
03:32 Friday.29 December 2017

I’ve just finished building my first DIY Telecaster kit and I was wondering what to build next. Well, thank you for introducing me to my next project!! I’m definitely doing a 12 string build. Now just to decide which style 12 string to go for…

Ben Watson
04:13 Friday.07 November 2014

I am Ben Watson and searching for a electric guitar; ideally single neck but since electrics are elusive I would take a twofold neck. By chance do you have a parts board for any individual who manufactured a electric and needs to offer or exchange it?

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