Gibson Guitar CEO - "...if you bought a guitar from us, and you resell it, YOU are criminally liable"

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04:33 Saturday.01 February 2020
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Gibson Guitar CEO on criminal liability of guitar resale

21:43 Thursday.08 March 2018

Hey Henry, perhaps you should have told the Feds that you are a Jew and the son of Holocaust survivors from Poland. I am sure they would have exonerated you, Gibson, etc. for centuries to come. Big mistake not to “emphasize” your uniquness, Henry.

Angelo Arnone
04:09 Friday.24 August 2018

Don’t know what to make of this comment. Anti-semitic or are you genuinely serious?

07:04 Saturday.09 April 2016

Another shining example of how absolutely ridiculous the legal INDUSTRY has become. We’re appetizing 600 million laws in the US, from local jurisdiction thru federal…. Think about that. Good almighty had 10, simple, trainable commandments, we got 550 million plus… How’d we get so dammed special and important? What a crock of shit, cmon people, REAR UP OR NOT DOWN, YOU GET TO CHOOSE!!

Anthony Morales
22:37 Friday.26 August 2016

How abusive it is harassment pure and simple what ever happened to jurisprudence in this case couldn’t apply more. I love Gibsons how they play and sound and wish company well.

Bruce Collins
22:00 Tuesday.30 December 2014
This is an example of initially conscious intended persons and laws construed to the goon squads of over zealous jerks and idiots who hate any type of commerce not controlled by their thoughts although their thoughts are only half-witted.

It pains me to see the lack of common sense and simple logic that should be applied that is no longer considered important.

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