Johnny Ramone CBGB Mosrite Guitar Reproduction Kit from Ed Roman Guitars

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21:51 Saturday.20 November 2010

I don’t know what the big deal is about Ed Roman. I bought from him when he had his place in Las Vegas and I always got a fair shake. Yes he will sell you something overpriced if you’re buying something that he says is overpriced on the website, like Gibsons.

01:21 Wednesday.27 September 2017

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Pedro Salti
22:05 Thursday.23 January 2014
Hi, I would like to know how much is the mosrite kit, and if you ship to Brazil?

Thank you so much.
Pedro Salti.

02:41 Wednesday.01 January 2014

I would like to know if you guys ship to Brazil the Mosrite guitar and how much does it cost?
Thank you very much,
Marlon Figueiredo

Keith Benoit
23:39 Wednesday.15 January 2020
Ed Roman would steal the eyes out of a dead f@cken snake! None of these so called mosrites are even built in the USA yet he knocks Gibson

F@ck Ed Roman and his grave robbing a$$ he slimed his way into the Mosrite trade mark and copy rites and left Semi Mosleys “the founder of Mosrite guitars” widow high and dry what a greasy F@ck what he is selling are copy’s made in Japan the only real Mosrite guitars are all vintage now unfortunately the Mosrite legacy resides with its founder RIP

08:42 Monday.13 April 2020
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Designated Dale
02:12 Friday.27 February 2015

That infamous blue Mosrite Johnny picked up at Manny’s in January ’74 was actually $65.00 plus tax ($69.55 total). He put a $15.00 deposit down and paid the balance of $54.55 the very next day. Unfortunately, that soon-to-be infamous guitar got ripped off along with the rest of the gear when their van got boosted after the last night of a leg of a tour they did with Iggy Pop (in Chicago, October ’77).

Sorry to ramble.
As you can tell, I’m a bit of a fan. :)

Tommy O' Sullivan
03:43 Tuesday.04 August 2015

Ed Romain ate my baby… And he’s a vegetarian!!!!

3rd Degree Burns
01:39 Tuesday.03 October 2017

Ed Roman tried to double the price of my Ramones signature Mosrite when I purchased it on the day Johnny died, later that day he called me after he heard Johnny had passed that day, and told me there was a problem with my credit card transaction, the only problem was he wanted to double his money off the dead! What an asshole, I informed him my credit card had been run and he legally would have to honor the original transaction, I don’t generally speak ill of the dead but Ed Roman was a piece of work!

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