Res-O-Glas Electric Guitar Kits

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23:28 Wednesday.10 November 2010
Cheers to this company for trying something different…and made in the USA. They have some hot photos of builds on their site:
23:09 Wednesday.10 November 2010

I really want to get this slide sound.

02:05 Saturday.19 May 2012

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02:12 Sunday.08 September 2019

I’m looking for parts for a 62 National Studio 66. Does anyone know where I can get the batwing pickup and the binding that closes up the body.

Ian mckay
00:23 Sunday.20 April 2014

When will the supro type model be available ?

Ian mckay
00:21 Sunday.20 April 2014

When will you have the supro type model available ? Thanks. Would like to purchase this one

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