Guitar-Building Classes in Your Area

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05:58 Thursday.22 March 2012

[…] Available    The total cost of the guitar building course is €3500.00 including materials (value approximately …t please). Please note that accommodation is not included and will cost 550 euros (utilities […]

Eric Schaefer
04:42 Sunday.09 August 2015

I was interested in becoming listed on your Guitar Building Schools list, since you are such a reputable source for builders. I am listed on Stewart Macdonald’s Lutherie School list and on My information for your listing is below. Let me know what you require for verification/validation to be on your list. I would be honored to be included. My number is 610 639 2777 and my website is

There is a video on the website that gives some insight as to what is involved in the course:

Eric Schaefer Guitars
Eric Schaefer
166 Tulpehocken St.
Bernville, PA
7-8 day course where you build your own flattop acoustic out of exotic tonewoods. Maximum of 2 students to a class. $1800 w/ materials included.

John Phillips
00:08 Monday.16 December 2019

Does anybody have a weblink for an OLD guitar Amp build from the 1970’s?. I’m looking for a copy of a 3 part article “Build the M/M/M Musical Instrument Amplifier”. A build for a 60 watt amplifier. I’m thinking the articles ran in 1970. I was a high-school sophmore at the time and a big Cream/Hendrix/Zeppelin fan. I’ve wanted to build this for years, but could never find the 3 part articles to build it. I’m thinking Don Lancaster was the author. Your help is appreciated. Kind regards.

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