Big Muff Pi Mod for More Mid-Range Tone

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07:46 Friday.03 December 2010

I’m gonna try this on my Big Muff. When I open it up will the parts be identified as they are in the schematic?

07:21 Wednesday.26 August 2020
Put a switch in mine to swap C10 between triangle and flat version.

Flat sounds much better :)

Eric Scheie
04:19 Friday.03 December 2010
It depends. There have been a number of versions of the Big Muff made by Electro Harmonix, as well as a few that come from companies that sell kits. Here is a link to a web page about the history of the Big Muff Pi: There are numerous photos of circuit boards. The transistor numbering will be the same (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4), and you can veryify which components to change by tracing the circuit board from transistor Q3 to the outer two lugs of the tone pot.

If you’re not that familiar with using resistor and capacitor codes to identify components, here is a link to some free software you can download that will help:

Hope this helps.

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