General Guitar Gadgets EA Tremolo Kit Time Lapse Video

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Jose G Santhosh
06:13 Thursday.08 March 2018

How do I get admission here??

Ritesh Mangle
22:16 Wednesday.23 November 2016

I want to learn the making of guitar. i want to apply for this learning program in Jungle Guitar. please guide with how to apply for the same. you can contact me on please let me know. awaiting for your revert.

Rishabh Rathore
21:31 Thursday.03 August 2017
Can you teach me guitar ?

I am from indore Madhya Pradesh
I will be hitchhiking to goa for guitar
I don’t have money for that but i will help you or can work with you
It will so thankful to you if you can.

Thank you

07:59 Thursday.23 May 2013
Hello. I recently bought the EA Tremolo kit from general guitar gadgets. When you were making this pedal, how did you know which transistor goes where on the PCB? The only indications given in the information on the website and on the PCB describe each transistor as Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. But the transistors them self aren’t labeled as such.

Any info would be amazing!

Jeff Bollettino
22:08 Thursday.23 May 2013
Corbin, usually the transistors are marked with the type-number, such as “2N3904”. For this kit you just need to match them up with the part number, ie Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4. The match between type and part number is shown below for the EA Trem kit. Are the transistors you have marked with the type number?

Q1 – 2N3904
Q2 – 2N5457
Q3 – 2N5089 or 2N5088)
Q4 – 2N5457

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