General Guitar Gadgets MBB Marshall BluesBreaker Replica Kit Demo

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Kept Crude
03:58 Monday.23 March 2015
I kept a shortcut to this site in my toolbar ever since I first stumbled onto it quite a few years ago now. Every now and again I enjoy launching that little (MBB) pedal kit demo vid as the tone is great! I find it hard to believe it just comes down to this pedal though. But it is truly a fantastic mellow tone you had there.

I also think that you do something SuperKool! Rebuilding clones of iconic amps etc… I so wish I had gone into this stuff myself. I have great admiration for you people! If only I had the bank account to match it. Anyway, I didn’t know what that box was for so I thought I’d just drop a few lines. All the best.

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