Ampeg BA115 Bass Combo Amplifier Repair

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22:31 Thursday.22 March 2018

[…] Ampeg BA115 Bass Combo Amplifier Repair – GuitarKitBuilder […]

07:49 Sunday.18 March 2018

[…] Ampeg BA115 Bass Combo Amplifier Repair – GuitarKitBuilder […]

22:36 Thursday.29 December 2016

excellent job on troubleshooting. I am trying to restore a holmes bass combo amp model “rebel 112 b” . I’m having a hard time locating the schematics and I tried every site I could think of. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Larry Edwards
07:20 Tuesday.09 February 2016
Waiting for someone to diagnose the “STYLE” 5 position switch/circuit that also has been a PIA

NO repair shop will touch it because parts cannot be found.Cool huh? Without even taking it in they refuse to work on it.

Story line- Bought the BA115 fron Guitar Center after trading in a
fender tubed bass 1969-no workie.

That was 2007.Amp worked fine until the 5 position switch for “style”
spun around and did nothing.The amp was stuck in one of those styles,and that was it.So I ordered a rotary switch,it’s controlling a DSP chip on the main PCB.$18 shipping from Loud Technologies.

After replacing the switch,the amp sounded great,but while locating the exact placement of the knob,there was a pop,and hey whattayaknow,
turning the style knob did nothing again.

That’s where it is today because that chip is NLA

Anybody have a workaround? Jumper wire to where?

Joe Kolla
22:01 Saturday.30 November 2013

Well done, great troubleshooting! You saved me a lot of time, the BA115 that was brought to me had exactly the same problem. Thanks!

20:58 Monday.30 January 2017
Believe it or not I found a chassis to one these amps in the swap shed at our local dump today.

I took it home and looked it over. Fired it up and no sound. Found this site on the web and BOOM! it was the same issue!!! Thank you! Now I’ll be building a small box with a speaker and I’ll have a BA-155 for free!

20:58 Monday.30 January 2017


08:08 Wednesday.01 July 2015

Tim, your amp is still under warranty. Contact Ampeg and they’ll point you in the direction of a service center.

Preston Luber
22:12 Friday.02 May 2014
I just got my 1156HP back from the repair shop and it had the same problem as yours and the other fellows. Like you, I bought mine used and non working. Many articles I have read talk about the tweeter problem with the BA115 and some owners have disconnected the tweeter and say that the amps work and sound fine. The tweeter was ok in my new used amp and not being a tech I took it to a tech. I didn’t think it’d be that expensive of a repair and I was right. It was that darned headphone jack.

It sounds fine now

Thanks for your article.

Daniel O Garavaglia
03:31 Tuesday.01 April 2014

Yo compre un combo BA115 HP usado, cuando lo prendo por algunos minutos da un sonido, tocando mi bajo como si tuviera una distorcion y luego se va ese ruido que solo lo hace cuando toco las cuerdas del bajo queria saber si este problema es igual al que se refieren mas arriba para ver como lo puedo solucionar me comentaron que podia ser el ajuste de voltaje del amplificador este descalibrado y tenga que poner el voltaje correcto puede ser asi muchas gracias Daniel

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