From Our Mailbag: Repairing a Roland Cube 80XL

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06:13 Thursday.12 September 2019
Hello Isaac.

Did You fix it?
Have the same problem with XL40.

00:54 Tuesday.28 May 2019

Apart from the concern raised by concern which vinnie excellently gave a solution— my problem is a total blackout— no power. If ever I get power it is stucked similar to what isaac explained. If there is power problem what could be it? thanks in advance.

03:19 Friday.28 August 2015
Hi GKB I’m having a problem with the COSM switch also!!!

When the switch is in metal or R-FIER it plays well but on every other mode I try makes a noise.
Can you help me?

00:32 Wednesday.11 March 2020

Late reply but thought I’d message anyway. Came across this thread as I had almost the exact same issue as Lucas, although on a 40XL. Can confirm that Vinnie’s response below worked to correct my issue – the wiring harness I had to pull was the central 4-pin on the motherboard. On a final note – make sure you unscrew the 4 screws on bottom of the backside of the amp, the 4 screws at the top of the amp PLUS the 2 screws that secure the handle. The brains will come out easily after that :)

07:54 Saturday.07 October 2017

When I turned my amp on all lights go on at the same time, but nothing works, no sound. Any advise on this issue will help me a lot, thank you in advance.

08:37 Tuesday.11 September 2018

I was able to fix this issues by pulling out the “main brain of the amp” and unplugging circuit board and plugging back in with the power on – i took out the 4 black screws on each side of the amp and the whole control panel pulled out of the amp – with the power on i disconnected the white wiring harness closest to the back of the amp on the right side and plugged back in and everything is working again .

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