The Repair Bench: Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer

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06:22 Friday.22 July 2011

I have the same pedal.I’ve had it since the early 80’s,I could never figure out how it was suppose to work.After reading your article I found the same problem with the purple wire touching the tone pot.I wonder if this could be a manufacturing defect? The Pedal screams now. Thanks for showing a problem with an easy fix that was something that could easily be overlooked.

how to ico
01:35 Friday.28 December 2018
how to ico

The Repair Bench: Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer – GuitarKitBuilder

00:54 Thursday.25 August 2011

Conor, send us a really good photo of the inside circuit board of your pedal, so we can see the resistor and diode you replaced

23:53 Saturday.13 August 2011
There are many sources for resistors but we frequently purchase from Digi-Key at

How did you determine that the resistor is shot? Resistors very rarely fail on their own.

06:46 Saturday.23 July 2011
Todd, we’re glad to hear that this fix worked for you too, and thanks for leaving us a comment.
00:01 Thursday.25 August 2011

I’m not sure it’s the resistor but I don’t know what else it would be, still trying to figure it out actually. The first thing i did was replace a diode that was obviously broken, and this came before the resistor im talking about. I used a DMM to test around using the TS9 schematic and when I tested the 203k(yellow) resistor it was the only one that didn’t show a reading. Signal is passing through the pedal when it’s switched off but not once it’s switched on.

23:30 Saturday.13 August 2011

Hey i have a Ibanez TS9DX I’m trying to repair right now. I think i may have found the problem, one of the resistors(203k) is shot. Im new to all of this though and I cant find the part anywhere, any good suggestions for a website to order from?

00:50 Monday.31 December 2018

[…] The Repair Bench: Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer – GuitarKitBuilder […]

Richard Willner
02:30 Sunday.15 March 2015
The input jack on my TS9 tube screamer physically broke. After I had it repaired ( or replaced, I don’t know which ) it doesn’t work as it did before the repair. I always used it with the drive full up and the tone at zero. Since the repair it seems to have ( please excuse the expression as I don’t know of another way to describe it ) no balls. ( no creaminess and less gain ) I’ve always used Batteries. I’ve tried new and different brands of batteries but nothing seems to help.

I found those settings to work perfectly for my solo parts. ( I play a strat through a fender Vibrolux Reverb amp. What would be the reason for this drastic change and can it be brought to work before the repair
PS: I brought it to what I thought to be the most reliable repair shop in my area (Prov. R. I.) PLEASE HELP!

01:03 Tuesday.27 May 2014

I’m trying to purchase the three pots for my TS-9 and I’m having a very difficult time. Can you help me? I know they’re Alps 100KB 411G,500KA 402G, and 20KW 349G. I was told the 16mm Knurled by Alphas (from Mouser) work, but I seem to not be able to find anything like that on Mouser. If I enter a few parameters (i.e. Alpha, 100k resist, linear), I loose the others (16mm, knurled). I’m new to this, so I’m probably missing something. Thanks for any help you can provide!

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