The Repair Bench: Roland Cube 100 Bass Amp

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05:52 Friday.15 November 2013
Hi, I have the same amp, someone walked on the cable, and the female connector fell inside the hole when I unplugged the cable. I open as you describe and… PROBLEM: After disconnecting the speaker terminal connectors, those are glued to the wood so they can’t go through the hole and the chassis can’t slide out. What can I use to solve this sticky situation? Cheers!

PS: I can send you a photo.

Peter Stovold
06:41 Monday.16 April 2018
I wondered if you could help me locate a transformer for my Roland Bass 100 watt amp, mine has a short ciruit on the primary coil .

I wrote to Roland USA and Roland UK to no avail . It is 240v one for the UK.
I even consided 110 volt but that wasn’t available either .Can use an alternative transformer?

John Taylor
02:32 Wednesday.10 August 2016

Hi Ginger i wonder if you can tell me what size fuse is in your amp I have a Roland Tube 100 and lost the blown fuse I would be grateful if you could help me

07:19 Tuesday.05 July 2016

Hi, I was using my cube last night and it cut out just after I plugged it in. No power up light. I think it’s could have been a bad plug socket possibly a surge? I tested the fuse in the plug but it seemed fine. Do you know if there is an internal fuse and what value it is? It would be handy to know before I take it apart.

Denis Dunlea
06:53 Friday.10 June 2016
Simply clean the glue around the speaker cable.

To make this easier pull on the cables from the speaker side while levering the glue away from the cabinet with a blunt kitchen knife, or some such.
Then cut / pull off the lump of glue from the cables.

Albert Diaz
23:26 Thursday.10 October 2013

I’m just looking for a replacement speaker for my Cube 100……the coaxial type.

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