The Repair Bench: Roland Micro Cube

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XT Yong
23:23 Thursday.28 June 2018
Hi guys, so it seems that a lot of us are having the same COSM switch problem (it won’t switch modes). Some friends up there have managed to buyt spare parts from their region’s Roland service centre. Unfortunately my region (APAC) doesn’t sell spare parts to customers, preferring us to send it in for repair, and I have a problem with that, I want to fix my own amp.

I did some digging and I think I found the correct (or similar) model of rotary switch that we need, it is a 1P8T , PCB-mount rotary switch. I found a China supplier for them but they only take minimum orders of 500pcs.

More digging resulted in me discovering that there is an ALPS (great brand) R17 rotary switch that appears to be the same type of rotary switch. here is an ebay link that I have ordered one piece from, it costs USD899 before shipping.
They come in different stem lengths but I think the longer ones can be cut or filed down to size.

DISCLAIMER: I have yet to receive my switch as it is still shipping and expected to arrived in Jul/Aug, if it works I will report back here.
If you want to try it out before that, be my guest but know that there is a chance that this might not work out!

21:53 Thursday.14 November 2013
Hi Jeff,

I’ve run into a problem with my Micro Cube. It appears that it’s now permanently stuck in what seems to be JC Clean mode. The amp model switch doesn’t appear to be working, and no amount of vigorous knob turning helped. Would you happen to have any insight into this? Thanks in advance.

21:08 Saturday.14 January 2017

I have a issue with the main switch not going to classic stack or acoustic it seems to be stuck on one sound does anybody know what the problem could be

06:14 Thursday.30 November 2017

My Roland Mobile Cube is a great little amp and it works well on batteries but when I plug it in to a 9v dc power lead there is a buzzing sound heard through the speakers. I dont think that it did this when it was new. Its about 18 months old.
Can you help

05:19 Saturday.17 October 2015

Hi I have a Roland cube the little red light beside the ’a’tuner button flickers and the input plug does not seem to work at all, if I plug in through the aux socket it works but no volume control or reverb etc , any solutions would be great , I’m a novice but I have took it apart and all looks OK , thanks Trevor

05:23 Sunday.06 October 2013

Re my previous post, I took the amp apart (the double sided tape was tricky) and checked the connections and fuse. Everything seemed ok so I put it back together. Hey presto! All is now well with the world. A bit worrying as I don’t know the cause but at least It’s working again.

23:23 Sunday.29 September 2013
Hi Jeff

My Roland Cube 20XL bass amp stopped working suddenly last week. Now, when I turn it on the lights come on briefly then go out, apart from the mains light. No sound apart from a speaker click When I turn it off, the lights come back on briefly.
I haven’t opened it up yet as I don’t know what to look for. However, I have my screwdriver to hand if you have any suggestions.
Many thanks for any advice you can offer. TH

Tony Wardle
05:53 Wednesday.11 September 2013

Jeff. thanks again for the reply. Sorry for my ignorance re. control/potentiometer. I have checked the connections to and from the control to the circuit board once again… and all appears fine. I think I will take it to the repair shop here in the UK and let them have a look. Thanks again Cheers Tony

Tony Wardle
23:20 Monday.02 September 2013

Jeff, I had a good look around inside, as you suggested. Nothing appears loose… and as I don’t have a potentiometer I can’t comment on the connections. Therefore the delay/reverb issue is as before. So, outside of any more ideas, the amp will be on it’s way to the repair shop in the next week or so…. or I may just live with it. Thanks for your help… I really appreciate it. Cheers Tony

Tony Wardle
05:32 Monday.02 September 2013

Jeff, please can you help. I have just acquired a used Cube 30. All’s generally good, but turning the Delay/Reverb knob does not appear to work. Everything else (EFX etc) is ok, though like above I get a noticeable increase in volume when turing from Black Panel to Brit Combo. Is there anything I can test or try before I take it for repair. Thanks, I appreciate any help. Tony from the UK.

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