PIG HOG PASSIVE SPEAKER CABLE 4-Pack Pig Hog SPEAKON to 1/4" Female Speaker Cable Adapter Neutrik NL2FX NEW
$ 51.59
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This Speakon to 1/4" adapter allows a standard 1/4" speaker cable to interface with Speak-On only equipment (speakers, amp heads, etc.) - Neutrik Speak On...
HOSA PASSIVE SPEAKER CABLE 4-Pack Hosa 1/4" Female TS to Neutrik SPEAKON NL2FX Pro Speaker Cable Adapter
$ 52.89
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Hosa 1/4 in TS to Neutrik SpeakOn NL2FXThis cable is designed to adapt a speaker cable with a phone plug to a speaker with a...
HOSA ADAPTERS 4-Pack Hosa Lo-Z to Hi-Z Transformer XLR Male 1/4" TS Mono Guitar to Microphone
$ 63.29
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Impedance Transformer1/4 in TSF to XLR3MMIT-129 This adaptor is designed to match 50K output impedance to 200R input impedance. It is ideal for connecting a...
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