HOSA ADAPTERS Hosa 3.5 TRS Stereo mm Right Angle Adapter Converter Straight to Right 1/8" Mini
$ 8.09
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Right-angle Adaptor3.5 mm TRS to SameThis adaptor is designed to change the orientation of a mini stereo phone plug. It is right-angled for easy access...
PIG HOG TRS INSERT CABLES Pig Hog 6" Y Cable Cord Stereo 3.5MM Male to Dual 3.5mm Female
$ 10.79
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The Pig Hog Solutions line features an expanding selection of adapter and cables designed to solve common interfacing problems in the studio and on stage....
HOSA TRS INSERT CABLES Hosa 3.5mm TRS Stereo Male to Dual 3.5mm TRS Female Y-Cable Splitter Adaptor NEW
$ 9.99
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Y Cable3.5 mm TRS to Dual 3.5 mm TRSFThis cable is designed to duplicate a stereo signal. It is ideal for use as a headphone...
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