STRUKTURE PASSIVE SPEAKER CABLE Audio Speaker Cable 20' FT 16 Gauge 1/4" to 1/4" Metal Plugs Lifetime Guarantee
$ 13.09
USA Free Shipping!
20 foot cable1/4" to 1/4" metal connectors16 gauge cable Lifetime guarantee SSC20
STRUKTURE MICROPHONE CABLES 20' foot ft Microphone Cable XLR 6mm Strukture Lifetime Guarantee SMC20
$ 12.29
USA Free Shipping!
We selected the top-selling cables in the industry and eliminated as much packaging cost as possible without sacrificing quality. The rubber outer covering is reinforced...
KIRLIN GUITAR INSTRUMENT CABLES Kirlin 20ft Guitar Instrument Cable Electric Patch Cord 7mm Bass +Cable Tie PUF
$ 14.89
USA Free Shipping!
20ft LengthPro-Quality CablePurple Frost Jacket 7mm Outside Diameter Gold-Plated 1/4" Plugs with heavy-duty molded barrels - Kirlin's best connectors!20 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) cable Braided-Shielding...
STRUKTURE MICROPHONE CABLES 20' Foot Heavy Duty 7mm Microphone Cable XLR Ft Pro Quality Lifetime Warranty
$ 13.99
USA Free Shipping!
The rubber outer covering is reinforced by a state-of-the-art shrink-wrap sleeve to resist separation at the termination points. Finally, we use the highest quality solder...
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