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10-Pack El Cheapo 5 - 6 Inch 1/4 Right Angle Patch Cord Cable Guitar Pedal 6.35

Brand: Metro DC Music

  • $ 13.99

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OK, this is the least expensive patch cable we carry. You'll see these same cables sold by other eBay'ers direct-from-China with a photo of 3 cables but the listing is for one cable. Our main photo shows you how many cables you will actually receive.

We visited the factory that makes these cables to see why the price is lower than other factories. Do you want to know how they do it? First, you know those "baby carrots" they sell at the grocery store? They're not actually babies, they were originally stubby pieces of carrots that broke off during harvesting or cleaning and couldn't be sold in the bag of nice long carrots. So someone decided to take the stubs, shave them down into a nice consistent size and sell them as "babies." Great idea. Now take the same idea and apply it to making patch cables. Let's say you have a factory making lots of cables for lots of customers, and you constantly have pieces of cable at the end of the roll that are left over from other orders. You don't throw those away, you take them and make the El Cheapo patch cable!

Using the leftover cable bits means that some of these cables have different markings on the cable. Some of them have no writing, others say "super duper low noise cable" or something similar. They also vary a little bit in length. We find that the average length is 5.5 inches, but we've seen some as short as 5" and as long as 6". We haven't measured them all so there might be some small number that are outside those measurements. But we're sure they will all compress nicely into the classic back to back shape needed to connect adjacent pedals. We can't pull specific lengths for you so please don't ask. They also lower costs by using a molded plug instead of a metal one. Molded plugs of this type won't take as much yanking or stepping-on abuse as metal plugs, but that kind of abuse doesn't happen on a typical pedalboard. We tested a bunch of these cables on our cable testing machine to make sure they were good, even when being stressed at the cable-to-plug connection point, and they passed. This machine catches even brief interruptions or shorts that cause noise, crackling, static etc and we can report that the connection is solid.

Don't ask us the wire gauge, capacitance etc, we don't know. If you need a bunch of these look for our listings for 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- or 10

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