METRO DC MUSIC STRING FERRULES 6-Pack String Ferrule Nickel 5/16" Inch Rear for US Fender Telecaster NEW
$ 8.59
USA Free Shipping!
- Set of 6 String Ferrules, Nickel Finish, 5/16" (8.2mm) Diameter - 5/16" diameter mounting hole - Nickel Finish - High Quality - For Through-Body...
MDM AUDIO GUITAR INSTRUMENT CABLES 6-Pack MDM Audio 18.5 ft 1/4" Mono Guitar Instrument Cable Cord 20AWG Shielded
$ 50.99
USA Free Shipping!
This is a great basic guitar/instrument cable done to perfection and with a great price!And to make it even better we're including a FREE Gig...
METRO DC MUSIC BANANA PLUGS BINDING POSTS 6X MDM Audio Black Dual-Banana Plug with Gold-Plated Contacts DJ Speaker Plugs
$ 13.99
USA Free Shipping!
- For wire size up to 12 gauge (AWG)- Gold-plated contacts for reliable connections- Standard 3/4 inch spacing between tips- Heavy-duty plugs for high-power speaker...
HOSA MICROPHONE CABLES 6-Pack Hosa Industry-Standard 3ft XLR Microphone Cable 6.8mm OD 22AWG OFC Shield
$ 50.89
USA Free Shipping!
Hosa calls these their standard microphone cables, but we call them the industry-standard microphone cables because they include everything you need in a good quality...
LAVA CABLE PEDAL POWER & CABLES 6-Pack Lava Cable Tightrope DC Right-Angle Pedal Power Plug Connector Solderless
$ 23.39
USA Free Shipping!
Extra power plugs for your Lava DC Power Kit or for use with Lava Tightrope Cable and stripper.Solderless design needs just Lava Tightrope Cable and...
PIG HOG PATCH CABLES 6-Pack Pig Hog Lil Pigs Camouflage Woven Pedal Patch Cable 1/4 Right-Angle 6"
$ 38.99
USA Free Shipping!
* High performance 6" patch cables* 8mm high quality woven outer covering* 1/4"-1/4" right angle connector* Lifetime guaranteePlease Note: Metro DC Music is an Authorized...
STRUKTURE PATCH CABLES 6-Pack 12" 1ft 1/4 Right-Angle Guitar Pedal Patch Cable Cord Black PVC Gold Tip
$ 26.79
USA Free Shipping!
We selected the top-selling cables in the industry and eliminated as much packaging cost as possible without sacrificing quality.- Right-angle metal 1/4" plugs with gold-plated...
GIG TUFF PEDAL COUPLERS 6-Pack Gig Tuff Guitar Pedal Crank Offset Right Angle Gold Patch Cable 1/4 Male
$ 31.19
USA Free Shipping!
1/4" (6.35mm) Mono TS to SameApproximately 22mm spacing between plugsThis offset crank adapter couples guitar pedal effects to shorten your signal chain for better tone...
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