NEUTRIK REAN CONNECTORS FOR SOLDER 8-Pack Neutrik REAN NYS225L 1/4 Jumbo Speaker Plug Male TS Mono Large Shell 6.35
$ 27.39
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NEUTRIK REAN NYS225L Large Cable Outlet 9mmFor speaker cable with outside diameter (OD) up to or equal to 9mm2 pole 1/4" plug, large shell for...
MDM AUDIO Y-CABLES 8-Pack XLR Female to Dual XLR Male Splitter Y Cable Adapter Converter Cord MDM
$ 29.59
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Use this handy adaptor cable to turn one XLR connector (such as on a microphone or microphone cable) into two, or to combine two signals...
LAVA CABLE SOLDER-FREE PATCH CABLES 8-Pack Lava Cable Tightrope Solder-Free Right-Angle Plug Patch Solderless NEW
$ 25.39
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Authorized DealerNickel-plated right-angle plug for Lava Tightrope cableNo soldering required Perfect for pedal board and effects - cut cable to the perfect length you need...
LAVA CABLE PEDAL POWER & CABLES 8-Pack Lava Cable Tightrope DC Right-Angle Pedal Power Plug Connector Solderless
$ 28.29
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Extra power plugs for your Lava DC Power Kit or for use with Lava Tightrope Cable and stripper.Solderless design needs just Lava Tightrope Cable and...
NEUTRIK CONNECTORS FOR SOLDER 8-Pack Neutrik NP2X-BAG TS Mono 1/4" Black/Nickel Guitar Speaker Male Plug 6.35
$ 29.29
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1/4" professional phone plug, 2 pole, nickel contacts, black shellThe heavy duty professional phone plug series improves on the design of the existing C series...
GIG TUFF PEDAL COUPLERS 8-Pack Gig Tuff Guitar Pedal Crank Offset Right Angle Patch Connector Cable 1/4
$ 23.29
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1/4" (6.35mm) Mono TS to SameApproximately 22mm spacing between plugsThis offset crank adapter couples guitar pedal effects to shorten your signal chain for better tone...
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