KIRLIN GUITAR INSTRUMENT CABLES 8-Pack Kirlin 10ft Right-Angle Guitar Bass Instrument Cord Cable Black 20AWG 1/4
$ 47.79
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Kirlin Entry 20 Instrument Cable1/4" Mono Plug - 1/4" Mono PlugOur Entry 20 PVC jacket noise-free instrument cables feature 20-gauge CCAM conductor, conductive PVC shield...
KIRLIN MICROPHONE CABLES 8-Pack Kirlin 10 Foot Ft Microphone Cable XLR Male-Female 20AWG Black Cable Tie
$ 55.19
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XLR Male to XLR Female20AWG Noise-Free Cable 6.5mm Outside Diameter Black Cable with Black ConnectorsFREE Kirlin logo cable tie MPC270-10
KIRLIN PEDAL COUPLERS 8-Pack Kirlin Logo Guitar Pedal Coupler 1/4" Male Plug Effect Stomp 6.35mm Phone
$ 17.29
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1/4" male plug to 1/4" male plug TS MonoKirlin quality and Kirlin logoNickel plated for long life We purchase these new from Kirlin in bulk...
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