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10-Pack Gig Tuff 25 ft foot XLR Microphone Cable 8mm Tour Grade Free Tie NEW

Brand: Gig Tuff

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Tour grade microphone cable
XLR Male to XLR Female
Tough 8mm outside jacket
Gold-plated pins
Free Gig Tuff logo cable tie
Clutch-type connectors for the best strain-relief
Lifetime warranty

We love these Gig Tuff cables! Gig Tuff's engineers analyzed the main causes of microphone cable failure and built their new XLR mic cables to meet the challenge.

The tough 8mm (outside diameter) jacket provides greater protection than typical 6.5mm jackets along the length of the cable (see photo 3).

The cable-clutch XLR connectors dig deep (see photo 4) into the jacket to provide superior grip and strain-relief compared with typical clamp-on connectors.

Photo 4 also shows that the individual signal wires inside the connector are individually sleeved (over the soldered connection) to avoid dust or stray wires from shorting across the contacts.

Photo 5 shows the gold-plating on the contacts. Gold is the least reactive metal, so it provides the best protection from oxidization or corrosion, which would add resistance or unreliability to the connection.

Photo 6 shows the nice free hook & loop cable tie with the Gig Tuff logo to help you keep your cables nice and tidy between gigs. The cable tie is attached to the cable so you won't lose it, but it can be removed if desired.

Best of all, we have these cables at an amazing introductory price. Don't wait, they won't be introductory for long!

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