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10-Pack Gig Tuff DMX Terminator 3-Pin XLR Male Metal Barrel XLR3M Locking NEW

10-Pack Gig Tuff DMX Terminator 3-Pin XLR Male Metal Barrel XLR3M Locking NEW

Brand: Gig Tuff

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We love these Gig Tuff DMX terminators because of their excellent build-quality and great value.

This DMX Terminator is a XLR male connector with a 120 ohm resistor soldered across pins 2 and 3 to provide the proper termination in a chain of DMX devices.

Add the terminator as the last item in a DMX chain to prevent a signal reflection that adds noise and degrades DMX performance. Sturdy metal barrel and closed metal boot for long trouble-free life XLR male

Silver-plated all-metal connectors Black, electro-coated XLR barrels Field-serviceable - can be opened and repaired if ever needed

Lifetime limited warranty from Gig Tuff Why use a terminator? Incorrect or missing termination is probably the single most common cause for faulty DMX systems. DMX signals are high-speed electrical waveforms with signal energy in the radio frequency (RF) range. When an RF signal travels down the DMX cable (at near the speed of light) and gets to the end of an un-terminated cable, a percentage of the signal is "reflected" back up the cable and mixes with later waveforms coming down the cable, creating noise and interference. This can be avoided by absorbing the maximum amount of energy using a terminator which matches the characteristic impedance (110-120 ohms) of the cable.

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