GIG TUFF PEDAL COUPLERS 6-Pack Gig Tuff Guitar Pedal Crank Offset Right Angle Gold Patch Cable 1/4 Male
$ 31.19
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1/4" (6.35mm) Mono TS to SameApproximately 22mm spacing between plugsThis offset crank adapter couples guitar pedal effects to shorten your signal chain for better tone...
STRUKTURE PATCH CABLES 6-Pack 12" 1ft 1/4 Right-Angle Guitar Pedal Patch Cable Cord Black PVC Gold Tip
$ 26.79
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We selected the top-selling cables in the industry and eliminated as much packaging cost as possible without sacrificing quality.- Right-angle metal 1/4" plugs with gold-plated...
PIG HOG PATCH CABLES 6-Pack Pig Hog Lil Pigs Camouflage Woven Pedal Patch Cable 1/4 Right-Angle 6"
$ 38.99
USA Free Shipping!
* High performance 6" patch cables* 8mm high quality woven outer covering* 1/4"-1/4" right angle connector* Lifetime guaranteePlease Note: Metro DC Music is an Authorized...
MDM AUDIO GUITAR INSTRUMENT CABLES 6-Pack MDM Audio 18.5 ft 1/4" Mono Guitar Instrument Cable Cord 20AWG Shielded
$ 50.99
USA Free Shipping!
This is a great basic guitar/instrument cable done to perfection and with a great price!And to make it even better we're including a FREE Gig...
STRUKTURE PATCH CABLES 6-Pack 12" Straight Patch Cord 1/4 Guitar Effect Pedalboard Cable 1 ft Gold-Tip
$ 25.49
USA Free Shipping!
1/4" straight gold-tipped mono plugsRugged metal-barrel plugsHigh quality rubber outer covering State-of-the-art shrink-wrap sleeve Thick ABS sleeve protects solder connectionsLifetime guarantee SC01
HOSA MICROPHONE CABLES 6-Pack Hosa Industry-Standard 3ft XLR Microphone Cable 6.8mm OD 22AWG OFC Shield
$ 50.89
USA Free Shipping!
Hosa calls these their standard microphone cables, but we call them the industry-standard microphone cables because they include everything you need in a good quality...
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