GIG TUFF PASSIVE SPEAKER CABLE Gig Tuff 50ft BIG RED Speaker Cable 12 GAUGE AWG 1/4" Jumbo Plugs DJ PA Audio
$ 46.69
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Gig Tuff tour grade speaker cable 12 AWG x 2 OFCGig Tuff Big Red cables are perfect for any high power loudspeaker application such as...
GIG TUFF PEDAL COUPLERS 10-Pack Gig Tuff Guitar Pedal Crank Offset Right Angle Gold Patch Cable 1/4 Male
$ 48.79
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1/4" (6.35mm) Mono TS to SameApproximately 22mm spacing between plugsThis offset crank adapter couples guitar pedal effects to shorten your signal chain for better tone...
GIG TUFF GUITAR INSTRUMENT CABLES 5-Pack Gig Tuff Pro 18.5ft Guitar Bass Cable Cord Woven Tweed 1/4 Free Cable Tie
$ 48.09
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Gig Tuff Professional Guitar/Instrument CableLow-noise shielded audio cable with thick 7.6mm outside diameter for solid protection and long-lifeLow-capacitance 26pf/ft audio cable to maintain the tone...
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