LAVA CABLE SOLDER-FREE PATCH CABLES Lava Cable Tightrope Solder-Free Right-Angle Plug Patch Solderless Cord NEW
$ 10.49
USA Free Shipping!
Authorized DealerNickel-plated right-angle plug for Lava Tightrope cableNo soldering required Perfect for pedal board and effects - cut cable to the perfect length you need...
LAVA CABLE PEDAL POWER & CABLES Lava Cable Tightrope DC Right-Angle Pedal Power Plug Connector Solder-Free NEW
$ 8.79
USA Free Shipping!
Extra power plugs for your Lava DC Power Kit or for use with Lava Tightrope Cable and stripper.Solderless design needs just Lava Tightrope Cable and...
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