GEORGELS SOLDER-FREE PATCH CABLES George Ls .155 Right-Angle Plugs & Stress Relief Nickel Brass Gold Red White Blk
$ 11.59
Use this listing for George L's .155 right-angle plugs-only or plugs with stress relief caps.Choose plugs in unplated-brass, nickel-plated or gold-plated finish.Choose no-caps, or caps...
GEORGELS SOLDER-FREE PATCH CABLES George L's .155 BLACK RED BLUE PURPLE Solderless Pedal Board Patch Cable Bulk Ft
$ 9.49
Authorized DealerCable sold by the foot - choose jacket color (Black, Blue, Red or Purple) and length needed. George L's award-winning low-capacitance Co-ax Cable with...
GEORGELS SOLDER-FREE PATCH CABLES George Ls 155 Nickel Plugs Straight Stretch Right-Angle w/ Stress Jackets Option
$ 10.29
Use this listing to purchase straight, stretch and right-angle nickel plugs with or without stress relief jackets/caps for George L's .155 cable.155 right-angle plugs fit...
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