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2-Pack KLOTZ M5 15m 49ft Microphone Cable Neutrik Gold XLR M F Germany 50 NEW

Brand: KLOTZ

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As a top-class microphone cable, the M5 not only delivers virtually lossless signal transmission over long distances, but also provides unequalled protection against interference with sophisticated shielding - a particularly vital aspect in studio work. Its double counter-rotating copper spiral shield delivers virtually 100% coverage against interference, with outstanding protection for the signal conductor. And as a pro microphone cable, the M5 offers a unique design found only with KLOTZ: its extra-large conductor cross-section of 0.5 mm² is a guarantee for top transparency and superb resolution, with unbeatable capacitance of only 55pF/m. An extruded PVC core provides stability for the twisted strands and ensures the M5 is rugged enough to pass tough testing of over 25,000 bending cycles. And with a finely stranded core offering ultra-low precision tolerances, the M5's attenuation and EMC values are excellent. The M5 with PVC jacket is the ideal choice for indoor and studio use with normal levels of mechanical strain. The pro cable is finished with gold-plated contacts on the Neutrik XLR connectors.

shielding - double counter-rotating bare copper spiral shield

PVC jacket

Neutrik XLR 3 pin metal shell plugs with gold-plated pins

extremely transparent sound, superb resolution, extra-rich basses, high fidelity

extra-high conductor diameter of 2 x 0.5 mm²

unique design with extruded PVC core to stabilize the conductors

doubled counter-rotating Cu spiral shield proves virtually 100% protection

lossless transmission

ultra-low capacitance of 55 pF/m

XLR connectors have gold-plated contacts

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