10-Pack 10ft AC Power Cord Outdoor SJTW fits Marshall & Fender Guitar Amplifiers

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Replacement AC Power Cord for Guitar & Bass Amplifiers, PA Equipment, Stage Gear, Lighting and many other computer and electronic devices using a 3-Pin inlet- 10ft Length - there are...

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Replacement AC Power Cord for Guitar & Bass Amplifiers, PA Equipment, Stage Gear, Lighting and many other computer and electronic devices using a 3-Pin inlet

- 10ft Length - there are a lot of amps and other gear that come with a 6ft power cord, which pretty much guarantees that you need an extension cord. Remember, the first foot just gets the cord down to the floor. Now you've got 5 feet of cord when on a crowded stage you often need more. Do you really want your drummer tripping over the power cord and knocking your amp over because the cord is stretched like limbo pole? Our cord is 10 feet long, like the nice long cord that comes with a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (our cord is not a Fender product, we're just saying that it's the same length as what comes attached to a well-designed amp). So make your life and next gig a little easier and get a 10 foot cord.

- Outdoor rated SJTW copper power cable - most music gear comes with a power cord marked only "SJT" which is only safety rated for indoor use. Go ahead and check yours, we'll wait .... it will be printed on the cable or molded into the cable. Did you find it? Was it "SJT" or was it "SJTW"? Probably "SJT" which means indoor rated only. Now does this make sense for musicians? Do you ever play gigs outdoors? Ever play on a rainy stage or patio? Ever run your cord across a dewy stretch of lawn? How about a beer-soaked indoor stage? Ok so now you get the idea. Our power cord cable is rated "SJTW" which means it is safety rated for outdoor use. You can just Google this to learn more about SJTW. It's the same rating required for outdoor extension cables. So as long as you're purchasing a replacement power cord, why not get one that has the right safety rating for the way that musicians work?

- Safety Rated - UL-Listed and CSA-Listed

- 18 AWG Copper Wire - you're probably too young to remember the old TV commercial for Audi cars new 5-cyclinder model where the announcer would intone "4 is too small and 6 is too bulky." Well it's the same with power cords. You definitely don't want the gauge of the wire to be too small because then it's a safety hazard. But you also don't want it to be too big, because then the power cord gets thick, stiff, harder to coil up, etc. We chose 18 gauge (AWG) wire because it is a nice size to manage and it is safety rated for up to 10 amperes of current in lengths below 50 feet long (which our cable is since it's 10 feet long). Have you noticed that I'm teaching you a lot about power cords as we go along here? So a 10 ampere rating can handle, as a first order estimate, about 1200 watts of power consumption. If you're running a loud Marshall 100 watt amplifer and it's 50% efficient, it might use about 200 watts of electricity when operating at maximum output. So our 18 gauge 10-ampere-rated power cord is plenty big to handle even large guitar amplifiers. But to be sure, check the back panel of your amplifier to see how much electrical current it draws - it might show something like "1A" meaning 1 ampere. Or you can see the fuse rating, which might be a 500mA (which is half an amp or ampere). So 18 gauge is plenty big for typical musician needs and bigger wire is just pointless.

- IEC C13 to NEMA 5-15P - these are the standards for the shape and configuration of the two ends.

- Black PVC jacket for durability, flexibility, and low visibility on stage

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