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Godlyke CABLE GREY 9V Battery Snap Jumper Adapter for Pedals with No Power Jack

Godlyke CABLE GREY 9V Battery Snap Jumper Adapter for Pedals with No Power Jack

Brand: Godlyke

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The Cable-Grey allows the user to power vintage and boutique effect units that run off 9-volt batteries but do not have an external 9V DC power jack. You can stop using batteries and instead use your 9V power supply.

The Cable-Grey hooks directly to the unit's Battery Snap and can be connected to any of the Power-All daisy chains, the Cable-Y splitter, or directly to the Power-All.

Use the C-M/M to hook the Cable-Grey to "Brick" style power supplies like the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power, etc. Cable-Grey is 158.75 mm (approximately 5.25 inches) in length from plug to plug. NOTE: The Power-All Cable-Grey was designed to hook directly to the battery snap inside a pedal and then provide power to the pedal using an external DC power adaptor.

The wiring of the Cable-Greys battery snap is the OPPOSITE of what would normally be needed to connect to a 9-Volt battery. In other words, the small connecting post carries positive (to connect to the larger, positive post on the pedals battery snap) and the larger connecting post carries negative (to connect to the smaller, negative post on the pedals battery snap). If you are trying to position a 9-Volt battery outside of your pedal but have it connected to the pedals battery snap, you would need to connect the Cable-Grey to the pedals battery snap, then connect a C-Bat/R cable to the Cable-Grey and then connect the Battery to the C-Bat/R cable.

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