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Kirlin 20ft Guitar Instrument Cable Electric Patch Cord 7mm Bass +Cable Tie PUF

Brand: Kirlin

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20ft Length

Pro-Quality Cable

Purple Frost Jacket 7mm Outside Diameter Gold-Plated 1/4" Plugs with heavy-duty molded barrels - Kirlin's best connectors!

20 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) cable Braided-Shielding with 95% Coverage for outstanding noise rejection We LOVE these Kirlin cables - translucent frosted PVC jacket with 20 gauge wire tipped by their best 1/4" mono plugs with gold-plated contacts. Pay attention to those details!

First the cable size is 20 gauge (AWG 20) compared to the smaller 24 gauge used in many guitar cables. The outside of the cable, at 7mm, is only slightly larger than a 24 gauge, but the important part is the size of the center conductor that carries the tiny signal from the guitar pickup to your effects board or amplifier. The center conductor on a 20 gauge cable is 60% larger than a 24 gauge, with less than half the resistance (ohms), meaning more signal and less noise gets to your sound. But the center conductor is only half the story, it's the braided shielding that is the other half. These cables have a high-density 95% braid coverage. Audio cables typically run from about 60% to 85% braid coverage (a very specific, technical measurement) but put simply, more braid means less noise can penetrate your cable. Then there's the translucent cable jacket - it looks really cool (you can see the cable braid inside) but the real benefit is that it coils nicely in your hand. Maybe it's strange to say, but we think you feel more like a pro when you're coiling a nice cable - it just feels good. It's a small thing, but isn't life just one long series of small things? Finally there are Kirlin's custom plugs with gold-plated connectors. The gold-plating ensures the best possible electrical connection to the jack, and the heavy duty molded metal plug barrels are built tough and protect the heat-shrinked connections and strain reliefs connecting the cable to the plug. These cables come with a Five-Year Limited Warranty so buy with confidence. These cables also come with a Kirlin Velcro cable tie. Ok, a Velcro cable tie isn't a real big deal, but you'll probably find that it's a handy way to keep your cables tidy and neat.

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